Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home?

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Do solar panels increase the value of your home? Yep, sure do. If you are buying an existing home with a working system in place you need to know how to determine the value. If you are ready to purchase a new solar system you will want to know how and why this will impact your property.

Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 1

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Back To Top ☀️ Green Energy Introduction Green energy is soaring in the house hunting world. You could say that green is the new black. In, are homes with solar panels. Out, is the inefficient sprawling McMansion energy hog. No more useless space. Sucking up the kilowatts from the local power grid is no longer kosher. Today’s buyer … Continued

Solar Homes – Understanding the Benefits

Solar Homes - Understanding the Benefits

Solar homes offer a way to lower your carbon footprint and decrease your dependence on the grid. Soon you will have a better knowledge of solar homes and how they may become part of your future energy and housing plans.

Will I Continue to Pay the Power Company After Installing Solar Equipment

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The solar equipment that you install on your home will drop or completely eliminate your energy bill, and you will find that the panels make your home a much more valuable place to live. This is also something that you could do on your property to gather more power if you have a large farm or property where there is a lot of extra room. You are collecting power on your own, and you are finding that you might not have to pay an energy bill ever again. 

Carbon Footprint of Solar Panels

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Will Solar Reduce My Carbon Footprint? What is carbon footprint of solar panels? These are the right questions to be asking, Why? If all of the energy sources in the world saved money but caused devastating pollution levels that would be counter-productive. Furthermore, such a path would be both irresponsible and insensitive. One great way to look … Continued