Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 3

A hand full of water under the heat of the sun that contributes green power energy

Back To Top Back To Top 🌦️ Solar Water Heaters Make your home more valuable place to live think of possible things to make your life expenses better, have your green power energy tool options. Though most homeowners are questioning if they would continue to pay the power company after installing solar equipment. Do solar … Continued

Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 2

Bulb with an aloe vera plant appointing the Green-Energy

Here in part 2 of our Green-Energy guide we will get into the nitty-gritty of weather seals, insulation, and lightbulbs. You’ll see how stacking these three simple improvements can make a big difference in your monthly energy outlay.

Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 1

Clear bulb with a plant sprout for Green Energy

Back To Top ☀️ Green Energy Introduction Green energy is soaring in the house hunting world. You could say that green is the new black. In, are homes with solar panels. Out, is the inefficient sprawling McMansion energy hog. No more useless space. Sucking up the kilowatts from the local power grid is no longer kosher. Today’s buyer … Continued