Selling your home should be a great experience. Imagine, you hire the right agent. You anticipate having your home sold within a couple of months like most people. Then, the first week on market flys by. You get 7 showings and by Sunday night you have two or three excellent competing offers to pick from. Pure luck? Accident? Happenstance? Hardly. Most of the time when the stars seem to alighn in the world of real estate home sales it’s because you and your agent make a great home selling team. You listened, they got busy, and boom! Just like that you are under contract.

Why Selling Your Home Should Be Easy

So what’s the secret sauce to selling your home without struggling? It’s a culmination of listening, good decision making, and fierce online and offline real estate marketing. Most agents just throw the sign up in the yard and hope it sells. That’s not enough to sell a property in today’s competitive housing market. That’s why we have so many tools to make your sale successful.

Homeowners Selling Toolkit

When we put this together we wanted to build a resource that is packed with all kinds of tips for selling your home. This includes pulling the curtain back to see some of our most coveted assets for selling your home fast and selling your home for top dollar. We start by establishing the home value. We do that by looking at recent sales and active listings. The simplest tool is the instant home value tool. It generates a computer-generated valuation. It is not as accurate as having a professional walk through your house, but it gets the conversation started.

Next, we can have you text us pics or we can have a virtual video tour. Facetime, Google duo, Zoom, or any other video app that you are comfortable with. Finally, we can see your home in person. We need to do that before we decide on price, and this is, by far, the most accurate way to gather the right information to evaluate your home. Give us a call or text us at 1-480-442-3501; lets talk about your home and your next move.


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