What Follows the Home Inspection Results

The inspection on the home you’re looking to buy is finished. What happens now and what actions should (and shouldn’t) you take? Find out in today’s message. 🙋‍♂️ Hey you! Got somethin for ya. Download our free homebuyers checklist. [thrive_leads id=’20441′] 🎁  BONUS: we’ll include you in our insider’s video series for homebuyers. Your home … Continued

Steps to Buy a Home | Your Home Buying Process

Steps to buy a home can take the hard road or the easy road. Your home buying process doesn’t have to feel difficult or unsurmountable. That’s why we’ve created these simple steps and even provided a handy-dandy checklist.

How to Fast Track Residential Home Equity

How to get your residential home equity? Every real estate investor or homeowner would always strive to build equity. Equity is the value your home has after subtracting your loan balance. You only end up with a positive equity if your home’s value is more than what you owe.

Home Buying Process for Smarties

Home buying is like climbing that rock wall for the first time. It’s a tricky thing to do. Aside from funds, you also need to be sharp in dealing with your seller. Setting your expectation on appropriate levels also helps. Know how to be better at home buying with the simple tips listed below:

3 Unacceptable Home Pricing Myths that Erode Equity

Real Estate is like a gamble. The only difference is, you can choose to be a winner if you keep the pricing appropriate. The offer price of the home you are willing to sell is the main factor. The other factors are important too, but if the home pricing is right, half the battle is over. Possibly, more than half.

When It Comes to Selling Your Home, Proper Preparation Is Key

Sometimes, even a great home will have a hard time selling if the agent representing the listing hasn’t done their part to draw out its potential. See what we mean by checking out today’s message, where we show how proper preparation can lead to massive selling success. Looking for a home? Click here. Selling your … Continued