Zillow Zestimate – Tool or Toy?

a woman in zillow home value is estimating

Zillow Zestimate is fast becoming the preferred down and dirty pricing tool of would-be sellers. Buyers lean on it too before making offers. The Internet has proven its power in revolutionizing real estate. Over the years, many homebuyers switched online to search for prospect properties. And now anyone ready to engage in a real estate transaction is looking to Zillow for answers.

The Buyer’s Inspection Notice Seller’s Response Document

Today I want to talk about a powerful tool in real estate negotiations: the BINSR. Looking for a home? Click here. Selling your home? Click here.   What is the Buyer’s Inspection Notice Seller’s Response document? More commonly called BINSR in the real estate community, it is a powerful tool that is used to request … Continued

What You Should Do When HOA Restrictions Go Too Far

What should you do when your HOA is acting outside of reasonable enforcement limits? Let’s discuss this important question today. Looking for a home? Click here. Selling your home? Click here.   Our client Alexander recently asked us a great question: What should you do if you feel like your homeowners association (HOA) has overstepped … Continued

How Can an Energy Audit Benefit You as a Homeowner?

Energy Audit

Energy Audits. I hate that word audit. I went through a tax audit about 20 years ago. Ever since the word audit makes me twitch like a meth addict. But energy audits are nothing to be frightened of. Are they worth it? Yes, they are. Here’s why.