Probate Information Library
Need probate information? Our Probate Resource Library is loaded. Here you will find the starting points for the four most prominent pages in our library.

Probate Information – Free Probate Resource Library

Attorney’s Explain

The Attorney’s Explain page is a collection of videos where attorneys from around the US. They provide their take on these common probate topics. It’s a great place to gain a broad knowledge of this immense topic. Now jump in and watch some of those videos. You might begin with What is Probate Court. It’s a great overview of what probate court is. We also have a glossary of probate terms that will be useful to you.

Executor Duties

Executor Duties span from arranging burial of the deceased to making an account of the estate value. There’s a lot to digest in between. Getting your arms around the role of the executor will be a whole lot more manageable if you understand it. The responsibilities are great. The deceased must have thought highly of you if you have been chosen to do this work. Seems like now is the time to examine the role. The role is a noble one. These responsibilities are great. Think before you commit.

Probate Timeline

The probate timeline is very well defined. Download a copy of it. In addition, study it. become familiar with the duties.

Probate Nightmares

Believe it or not the rich and famous often find themselves in the probate spotlight. Usually, it’s ugly when it makes the news. We can all learn something from these stories. That’s why we have included Probate Nightmares on our website. Admittedly, it’s also the entertaining side of probate. Take a peek and see what is going on in the lives of the privileged.

If you have any stories worth sharing please do let us know so that we can post them on our website. Thanks for taking a look at our Probate Resource Library.