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This page will help you Search Sunnyslope High School Homes for Sale. Everything you need to find real estate in metropolitan Phoenix is available for you here at this website. Below these paragraphs are all of the properties that are currently available for purchase in the Sunnyslope High School area. Most parents have a particular school or two in mind for their kid(s) and that is exactly why we decided to create this unique page. If you know anything about Sunnyslope High School then you know why enrollment is competitive if you live out of the district. So we think you will appreciate having all of the SSHS listings all on one page like we do here.

Why Sunyslope High School?

Let’s start with the location which is just west of Central on Dunlap in Phoenix AZ. The North Central Corridor to the South of the school is covered with mature tree canopies and Central Ave is flanked by a walking, running, biking, horse path that gives the corridor a great look and feel. Every day you can see residents exercising and commuting up and down this popular path. Sunnyslope High School is recognized as an Excelling school in the No Child Left Behind Program and is named as one of the nation’s top high schools by US News and World Report.

Athletics at Sunnyslope HS

All of the traditional sports are available at this fine school and the students are encouraged to jump in and participate. SOme of the notable accomplishments of the athletic department at SSHS are:

  • Boys Basketball State Champs 2002
  • Boys Basketball State Champs 2009
  • Boys Basketball State runners-up 2010
  • Volleyball State Champs 2006
  • Volleyball State Champs 2008
  • Volleyball State Champs 2009
  • Volleyball State Champs 2010
  • Boys and Girls Swim Team Champs 2005
  • Boys Swim Team Champs 2006

The athletic, music, student government and academic opportunities at this fine school are endless and Sunnnyslope High School is continuing to maintain their steadfast commitment to helping kids grow to their maximum potential as students and young men and women.

Housing Information for the Sunnyslope High area

Give me a call or text at (602) 558-3843 if you need any information regarding a specific home or the area in general, and I will be happy to help. Sunnyslope High School MLS Listings