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Located at 3930 West Greenway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85053 is Greenway High School. Surrounding this fine school are several great home choices including one story homes, two story homes, condos, townhomes and patio homes. All of these home choices are available in a wide variety of square footage and price ranges.

Why Greenway High School?

Greenway High School is a place where academics and high character cannot exist independently. Student’s innate gifts and talents will soar in this wholesome, challenging environment where teachers know how to pull the best out of their students. There is a wide variety of impressive interest activities such as music programs, athletics, student government and advanced learning for Greenway HS kids who attend this great school.

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Here you will see all of the homes surrounding Greenway High School. We update the search in real time. This means that if a home sold 3 weeks ago you won’t see it in the search results. The listings below are available and ready to be viewed. Currently sales activity is high so if you see something that you like we don’t recommend sitting on your heels. Greenway High School MLS Listings