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Arcadia High School Homes for Sale

Arcadia High School is a proud school where students soar academically, athletically, intellectually, and socially. If you’re looking for Arcadia High School Homes for Sale then you will see that the Arcadia neighborhood cannot be beat. In Arcadia there is a generous setback between the homes and the sidewalks which creates a huge front yard and a paradise for the kids that seem to own the streets as they patrol them on bicycles, scooters and skateboards as soon as the bell rings at Arcadia High School, Ingleside Middle School, and Hopi Elementary School.

Why Arcadia High School Real Estate?

Moms and Dads can all agree that getting their kids the best education should be a priority for any parent. The learning opportunities that are created at Arcadia High School simply stand out above the crowd. Kids who develop friendships at Hopi Elementary are excited to know they will be seeing their friends when it it’s time to attend high school and many of the teachers at the elementary and middle school level actually grew up in Arcadia themselves. That’s how powerful the attraction is to this iconic Phoenix neighborhood. If you’re looking for a great Phoenix or High School Home consider an Arcadia High School Home as one of the best options. Arcadia High School MLS Listings.

Other Options for Homes in the Arcadia Area

To the west of the Arcadia neighborhood is another great neighborhood. Some of the residents outside of Arcadia proper do have rights to attend Arcadia as the school boundaries blur when overlayed with the actual Arcadia area edges, so check this Arcadia HS boundary map. Another alternative is the Camelback HS home search which is just a couple of blocks to the west.

An Agent Who Knows Arcadia

John Cunningham eXp realty agent has lived in the Camelback Corridor for over 35 years.

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