Calvis Wyant Homes is the leading custom home building company in Arizona. Founded in 1986, the custom builder is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the humble beginning, Calvis Wyant Homes has set itself apart for designing fabulous luxury homes built to the highest quality using only the finest materials.

It has gained increased popularity with high-end homebuyers for its unique combination of livable floor plans, upscale custom features, sizzling amenities, and unrelenting dedication to customer service.

Throughout the valley, especially Phoenix and Scottsdale area, the name Calvis Wyant Homes is synonymous with excellence in exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and customer support. The builder itself collaborates with homebuyers throughout the homebuilding lifecycle to deliver an outstanding experience.

Calvis Wyant Homes’ portfolio comprises custom luxury homes that come in both contemporary/modern or traditional/classic styles. With a myriad of design styles, robust floor plans, and sizzling features, there certainly a Calvis Wyant home for everyone.

Available Calvis Wyant Homes

Vision and Values

Since its inception more than three decades ago, the team at Calvis Wyant Homes has been dedicated to designing and building luxury custom homes. It is at the core of the company to ensure that the home building process brings to life the dreams and vision of every homebuyer, regardless of budget, size, and goals.

The philosophy of the company is to listen first, collaborate closely, and guide homebuyers through its unique design or building process. This way, the customers can personalize their homes, creating a fabulous home buying experience.

Calvis Wyant Homes: The Back Story

The story behind Calvis Wyant Homes started in the early years of the 1980s when an experienced and highly skilled carpenter Tony Calvis sought to change the way luxury homes are designed and built. He rounded up like-minded professionals across the spectrum of designing and building luxury homes.

As fate would have it, Tony Calvis met with a brilliant architectural designer Gary Wyant in 1986. The duo founded the Calvis Wyant Homes. And over the years, the homebuilder has brought together some of the most talented architects, home designers, and construction experts.

What Sets Calvis Wyant Homes Apart?

Streamlined Homebuilding Process

Calvis Wyant Homes is one of the few custom luxury home builders who have in-house construction, design, and architecture expertise. This way, the company makes the design and building process effortlessly easy, saving weeks or months of time. Within the company is a nifty check and balance system that ensures that work is thoroughly inspected.

Issues are identified faster and remedied on time. Having all-in-one expertise in one company also makes sharing information quite easily. With such a well-organized construction process, homebuilding becomes not only efficient but also delivers top-notch homes within homebuyer’s budget.

Besides, Calvis Wyant Homes work with subcontractors and artisans who share its high standards of home construction.

Luxury at Its Best

Building experts at Calvis Wyant Homes are known for their fabulous designs, luxurious floor plans, and use of high-end fixtures to keep up with the demand of upscale homebuyers. For example, Calvis Wyant homes feature snazzy island kitchens fitted with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and Cedar wooden cabinetry.

Financial Stability

There’s something of beauty about financially stable homebuilders. For one, they don’t cut shortcut or play games during downturns in the housing market. Calvis Wyant takes a reserved approach when it comes to finances by taking fewer risks.

Customer Support You Count On

Calvis Wyant Homes offers a turnkey customer service, from start to finish, creating a pleasant home buying experience for customers.

Awards and Accreditation

BBB Accredited Company

Gold Nugget – Best Custom Home over 8,000 square feet in 2017

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