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Newest Tempe Pool Home Listings

Swimming Pool Homes in Neighboring Cities

Top 3 Reasons to Live in Tempe

  1. Comfort: living in the desert without a pool is kind of like living in Alaska without a heater; it just doesn’t sound right.
  2. Entertainment: one of the great benefits to living in Arizona is that we can enjoy the outdoors all year round without having to deal with sleet and snow. Having a pool at your home in Tempe makes a party come to life.
  3. Value: Homes with pools are more valuable than similar homes without pools.

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Are Pool Homes for Sale in Tempe Worth it?

You have finally found the perfect house in Tempe to invest in, at the perfect location and price. However, there is something about the property that you did not anticipate or prepare for- a swimming pool. So, is a Tempe home for sale with a pool worth it?

Tempe homes for sale with a pool are a dream come true for most families but these homes often come with many expenses and maintenance issues attached.

Therefore, only you, the homeowner, can determine and assess the true return on investment that you will get when you buy one of these swimming pool sanctuaries.

Bennies Of Owning a House with a Pool

There are many obvious benefits of owning one of the Tempe houses that have a swimming a pool. For instance, when you need to swim, you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Backyard pools are also the perfect spots for entertaining and hosting guests.

When a swimming pool is not in use, it can enhance your curb appeal and your view. On the other hand, ownership of a Tempe home for sale with a pool can be a tidal wave of responsibility that can be difficult to keep up with especially when you are unprepared. Here are some of the things that come with buying one of the Tempe homes for sale with a pool:


There are several maintenance costs that come with owning a Tempe house with a pool that includes:

Heating and filtering: Depending on your pool temperature preferences, how often you use the pool, as well as how you power your heater and filter, heating costs can vary. To determine how much it will cost you, consider talking to your local provider depending on whether you use gas, electricity or solar energy.

Cleaning: To ensure that the pool in your Tempe house is safe for use at all times, it has to be cleaned and well kept.  This requires the use of chemicals and occasionally, filters or submerged light bulbs will need to be replaced every now and then. You can opt to do the cleaning yourself but you will have to factor in the cost of buying supplies. Chemicals can be reasonably purchased from a good local pool supply company.

Unexpected repairs: With time, repairs will come up as you continue to use your pool. The unexpected repairs that you can anticipate include leaks, broken pumps, broken liners, and pool resurfacing.

When doing a tour of the Tempe homes for sale with a pool, be sure to look for warning signs of repair or damage and ask the homeowner if they have detailed maintenance records that you can look through before making a decision.

Considering Selling your Tempe house?

If you are thinking about selling your place we can help. Give me a call and lets talk about how to market your home so that you fetch top dollar when the time comes.