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Mom, Dad, and baby girl in the pool. This image represents our pool homes for sale in AZ.

Are you looking for the picture-perfect Surprise homes for sale with a pool? If yes, you have come to the right place — enjoy browsing our list of individually selected Surprise homes for sale with a pool. When you find one that meets your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. John and the friendly team at eXp Realty are here 24/7 (call or text (480) 442-3501) to discuss your search and answer all your queries. It’s our joy to help you find a great home in Surprise with a pool.

Finding Surprise Homes for Sale with a Pool Made Effortlessly Easy

woman in bikini on lounge chair looking at man cleaning the poolWhy a Surprise Pool Home? When finding the perfect home for your family, the chances are that you will have to consider a number of things, from location to amenities to nearby schools and everything in between. Here at Surprise, however, owning a pool home is the game-changer. For one, your sanity depends on it. Remember, Surprise summers can hit over 110 degrees. Being in a stylish house with a pool can make a huge difference for you and your family — but more crucially your marriage.

Finding the best pool home for sale in Surprise, however, can be more challenging than you think. Here at eXp Realty, we make the whole process effortlessly easy. All you have to do is input your price range in our MLS search tool, and you’ll be presented with a list of beautiful Surprise homes for sale with a pool. Even better, you can use our “save property” functionality so you can pull up the list of your faves later.

Why you NEED a Pool in Surprise AZ

Having a pool home in Surprise ads icing to the cake. Surprise is a fabulous city to hang your hat in and having a pool makes it all the better. If you have a family they will all appreciate the water when those hot summer days come. If you are single you will love being able to take a dip after a hard day at the office in that shirt and tie.

There are several ways to find the perfect Surprise Pool home for you on our website. We’ve broken down the overall search into price-blocks so that you can see homes in manageable price-ranges. Might we suggest that you save your favorite properties as you move comb through the homes; this is easily done by clicking on the links marked for your convenience.

Homes With Swimming Pools in Neighboring Cities

Viewing Surprise Pool Homes

What are you waiting for? Power up your computer and start perusing Surprise homes for sale with a pool right now? Remember, we are here for you when you need us, where you need us. Click the button below to book a one-on-one time to view Surprise pool homes.

Tackling today’s complex real estate markets alone can be quite tricky. Let’s help you find the perfect Surprise homes for sale with a pool today.

Private Pool vs Community Pool

Call them the Holy Grail, homes in Surprise have snazzy private pools that can significantly improve the quality of your life and that of your family. Again, owning a pool home in Surprise is more of a necessity than a prestige.

The good thing is that they are easy to clean, maintain, and, best of all, Surprise homes for sale with a pool are surprisingly affordable. If you want homes that are close to community pools, we can also help. Check out the Surprise pool homes for $300K or less. At the other end of the spectrum are the swimming pool homes in Surprise under $1,000,000.

Other Great MLS Searches for Surprise Properties

If you have any questions about the homes you see feel free to call John Cunningham at 1-480-442-35013. If you’d like to meet to discuss your real estate goals we’ll be glad to buy you a cup of coffee and sit down to hear about your plans.If you are ready do see these homes in person we’ll be happy to open the doors for you and arrange your private tour of the properties.

Keeping Up With Your Surprise Pool

Gotta have a pool guy. If you are the pool guy or gal, you’ll need the right stuff to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long. Grand Pool & Patio in Suprise is a great choice.

Considering Selling your Surprise house?

If you are thinking about selling your place we can help. Give me a call and lets talk about how to market your home so that you fetch top dollar when the time comes.