Scottsdale solar homes are making a ton of sense to homeowners. Solar homes in Scottsdale are really nothing short of homes with privately owned power plants. It’s no wonder that this feature is gaining in popularity. You can expect to save money, and reduce your carbon footprint by owning a home with solar power. Here, you can check out all of the Scottsdale solar homes from a birdseye view. Want to drill down by price? We’ve got you covered; just use the links below to go see them. Below the pricing table is additional info about Solar energy homes in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Solar Homes, single level home with a John C SOLD sign and a solar panel in the front yard.

🌞 Scottsdale Solar Homes – Environmental Impact

Impact of air pollution - smoggy downtown skylineIf you had lived in Scottsdale in the 1990’s you would have lived with some bad pollution. At that time the requirements for automobile emissions was quite lax. Since then the regulations have been tightened up. The results? Astounding.

If you have ever enjoyed a hike up Camelback Mountain or Piestewa Peak during the winter you would be able to see the downtown Phoenix skyline. In the winter months, we have a weather inversion and you can see the pollution that sits on top of the city.

While there is still pollution, it is far less than what we lived within the 1990’s. It’is a direct result of the emission regulations on cars and trucks. That single change made a big impact on our carbon footprint as a city. We did it one car at a time, and it is continuing to pay off.

This solar thing is just like the car thing. On house a time, we can impact the environment. This is our chance as individuals to step up and do right by Mother Earth. She is pleading for our help. Going solar is one step in the right direction. Having a mindset that puts the environment in front of our own wants and needs is where it all begins.

Another great piece of news for those who take this approach to living is that much of this makes fiscal sense too. No doubt about it, solar panels are worth the investment. Early adopters paved the way for continued research and development. If it were not for those few who stepped forward first we might not have the efficient solar systems we have today.

💡 Solar Power Savings for Scottsdale Homeowners

The introduction of this page points out that having solar on your house is equal to having your own private power plant. That is why solar power savings is real for Scottsdale homeowners. The efficiency of the installations is incredible. Many are generating more power than the household actually uses. This means that the owner gets to sell the unused power back to the utility company.

By coupling solar with energy saving alterations to existing homes we can really make that sustaining impact that comes along with owning an efficient home. People who are focusing on this kind of a holistic approach are making a significant impact on their monthly energy costs. Why not do the same? Here, you can look for a home with solar already installed. It’ll save you from having to make the initial up-front investment.

Take a look at the available Scottsdale home with solar panels.

Solar Homes Across Greater Phoenix

Living in Scottsdale is a great way to go. If you are not seeing the right solar powered home in Scottsdale you might want to look at all of the available Scottsdale properties (some don’t have solar) and contact a professional like Sonny the Solar Guy to see about installing a brand new solar power plant. Sonny owns Arizona Wholesale Solar. You can reach Sonny at 1-480-200-4486.

Another option is to see what the other cities in the area have to offer.

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