The condos in Phoenix Two Biltmore Estates for sale are all available to see here on this page. These luxury condos are a great place to live. Any and all of the available residences in Two Biltmore Estates are displayed at the top of the page. If you don’t see them there that is because there are no condos available in the community at this time. Thirty-eight. That’s how many lucky homeowners get to call Two Biltmore home. The gated enclave had its first 5 residents in 2008. The buildings honor the Albert Chase McArthur’s design of the Arizona Biltmore Resort Hotel which emerged in 1929.

Available Two Biltmore Estates Residences

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Frank Lloyd Wright | AZ Biltmore Hotel Architecture History

Although Frank Lloyd Wright was not the architect he indeed had an influence on what is perhaps the most recognizable building material used to construct the hotel. The beautiful Biltmore Block. Most historians agree that even the block was probably designed by an un-named female artist and not FLW. McArthur was a student of FLW. Albert did hire Write as a consultant when the project began. Wright worked in that role for four months and was very involved in the development of the blocks which were made on site.

Two Biltmore Estates Hails to Arizona Biltmore Hotel Design

FLW quoted “Organic architecture seeks a superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort expressed in organic simplicity”. McArthur seemed to get that. His accomplishment at the Arizona Biltmore is the ultimate enduring testament. Although these two projects are separated by nearly a century, the latter certainly complements the former. The geometric pattern in the balcony ironwork pays tribute to the shapes found in the hotel without seeming to mimic it in some cheesy kind of way. The condos in Two Biltmore Estates for Sale are more than just dwellings. Now let’s find out about the floorplans for Condos in Phoenix Two Phoenix Biltmore Estates for Sale.

Floorplans that Live

There are 4 of them. Their names are Gable, Wrigley, Reagan, and Wright. The Wright is the smallest weighing in at 3,000 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. There is a generous outdoor patio/balcony. The views of the golf course are stunning. The Gable affords sweeping views of the fairways. There are 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. One of the design features of this plan is the curved wall in the master bathroom. The Reagan is 3-4 bedrooms plus a den with 3 full baths. There is a patio that wraps the outer corner of the dwelling that really opens up for incredible sweeping views. The Wrigley is a huge 3 bedroom 3 bath with 3 balconies that reach the entire width of the residence. The kitchen and living areas look out through the main patio. All of these floor plans come with two parking spaces. There is also some garage storage. Each of the condos in Phoenix Two Phoenix Biltmore Estates for sale offer something unique. All share excellent views, luxury amenities, and excellent surroundings.

Location | Surroundings | Luxury Lifestyle

Two Biltmore isn’t located at 24th & Camelback by a blunderous coin flip. Just like the developers of the hotel, this project could have been built anywhere in the Phoenix metro. The surroundings of Two Biltmore are unmatched. Nothing compares. Piestewa Peak, Camelback Mountain, and The Biltmore Adobe golf course Fairways are your views. The resort is an easy walk across the street. Residents enjoy Frank and Albert’s, Wright’s at the Biltmore, Afternoon Tea, and The Wright Bar. The Adobe Restaurant offers still another gathering spot that is popular with golfers and non-golfers alike.

Golf | Spa | Fitness Memberships

Two Biltmore Estates fairwaysImagine having resort privileges from your own house! Wake up, and have a little breakfast with your pals at Frank and Alberts before you tee off. While you are making the turn your wife is at the Biltmore spa. That evening you all enjoy a cocktail from your balcony as the Arizona sun paints the sky. Amazing! It’s so beautiful, that you can’t stop staring. Then, the evening goes on. Maybe you go for a swim or catch some music at one of the hotel events. Either way, life is good. This is what Two Biltmore Estates is all about. Lifestyle. Memberships for Spa, fitness center and golf are all available at extremely reasonable rates. For more membership information call (602) 381-7684. Thank you for visiting the Condos in Phoenix Two Phoenix Biltmore Estates for sale page. Are You an owner who may want to sell? Go here to see the Two Biltmore Estates Market Report.

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