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Newly Listed Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale in Biltmore Heights

History of Biltmore Heights Properties

The Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale in Biltmore Heightsare traditional, and attractive. Biltmore Heights is a sweet little home community. Sandwiched in between Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Arcadia without the PV price tag. There are seventy or so homes built in the mid-fifties. They were originally constructed of block. This was just before the big brick layers strike altered the landscape of Phoenix construction forever when frame and stucco took the lead.

Restored Biltmore Neighborhood Homes

After Phoenix again resurrected from the ashes of the 2007 – 2012 economy people began to invest in their existing homes rather than moving to newer homes. Many of these lovely houses have been restored to their former glory.

Fully Remodelled Biltmore Area Properties

Others have completely remodeled or rebuilt. The combination of the generous lots, mature trees, Camelback Mountain, and Piestewa Peak make for quite the setting for these rejuvenated beauties. Teams of investors, architects, construction experts, and homeowners have come together to give new life to these homes. This has made the houses in Biltmore Heights for Sale highly sought after.

Conveniences | Restaurants | Shopping | Schools

Living in the shadows of Camelback Mountain impacts more than meets the eye. If you work in the Camelback office Corridor you will appreciate the brief commute to the office. If you’re a mom raising kids you will love the local schools. Everyone in your family will be giddy when you go out to eat. The only trouble with choosing a restaurant is that there are so many good options. Chefs have sown their seed in this popular pocket and residents are applauding their arrival. Freeways are conveniently near by. Shopping is really the best. The Scottsdale Fashion Square, Biltmore Fashion Park, Town & Country, and Camelback Colonnade should meet your needs and then some. Biltmore Preparatory Academy, serves the elementary and jr high crowd. Camelback High is the public high school. Phoenix Country Day is a private school that educates many of the local kids too.

Fitness Options Near Biltmore Heights

Get Your Hike on

This location offers several natural outdoor fitness preferences. Many get their daily sweat in by hiking. Camelback Mountain, Quartz Ridge Trail, and Piestewa Peak provide plenty of favorites. These trails can be as forgiving or as demanding as you want them to be. The fittest of local athletes can be seen ascending these local mountains every day. Remember, though, that every season we turn on the local news and watch as someone is carried down the trails because they didn’t bring water or lost their way. The ambiance of these beautiful places makes it no wonder that many forgo the gym membership and do their exercising outside. Furthermore, these outdoor attractions make Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale in Biltmore Heights all the more popular.

Arizona Biltmore Championship Golf Courses

The Adobe and Links Biltmore golf courses are another fine outdoor choice. No better way to blend the need for exercise with socializing and business chatting. You could say that two birds can be taken out with one stone out on the local golf track. The Links course is trickier and preferred by better golfers. The Adobe is flat and long. It is plenty challenging for most weekend warriors like myself. Sometimes we will make it a full day and play both of these courses. The Adobe restaurant is a great place to have a beer after your round or have lunch. Not a bad place to rub it into the losers either.

Help with Your Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale in Biltmore Heights Home Search

Ready to look at the real thing in person? Want to see the Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale in Biltmore Heights. Let’s go! Text me. Call me at (480) 442-3501. I’m John Cunningham. I’ve lived in the Biltmore area for 35 years. I think you’ll love it as much as I do.