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Mom, Dad, and baby girl in the pool. This image represents our pool homes for sale in AZ.

Welcome to our Pool Homes for Sale in Glendale Search page. We think the price-point buttons below will help you find the right Glendale Pool home at the right price. Speed is part of the search, and that is why we made this page with price in mind. Knowing that you want a Glendale property with a pool is just a start. Give the buttons a try and start saving your favorite homes today.

Your Glendale Pool House – Your Way

a pool with a float in it. Pool Homes for Sale in Glendale AZIf you are looking for pool homes for sale in Glendale you are in the right spot. Summer is fast approaching and while a community pool might seem like the most inexpensive way to cool off and escape the summer heat, you should seriously consider looking into Glendale homes for sale with a pool. Let’s face it; nothing beats the luxury of having your own home with a pool because it affords you the privacy that you deserve.

Furthermore, community pools can be pricey and if you live in an older neighborhood, there might not be a shared one, to begin with. There are plenty of benefits of investing in one of the Glendale homes for sale with a pool available but there are some downsides too. As such, before you even consider looking through some of the properties available, it is essential that you weigh your options carefully to avoid making a costly and regrettable mistake.

Our search dedicated to the pool homes in Glendale. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to make sure that their Glendale digs have a place to cool off. On the results page you’ll even notice a “refine your search” tab that allows you to select other options that are important to you. So if you are looking for a Glendale home with solar, no problem. You can also ask the system to show you Glendale pool homes with 4 bedrooms, and 3 baths if you like. It’s as easy as opening that “refine your search” tab and selecting the options that you want.

Homes With Swimming Pools in Neighboring Cities

Should You Invest in Pool Homes for Sale in Glendale?

If you enjoy swimming, you should definitely invest in pool homes for sale in Glendale because it will be right for you. Wisdom dictates that you should buy a Glendale home with a pool only if you are planning to use the pool because a pool can turn into an unnecessary expense particularly when it is not providing value.

Higher end homes tend to have pools so if you are thinking of selling your Glendale house along the line in the future, then you should definitely consider what a pool can do to elevate your property’s value.

Types of Swimming Pools in Glendale

There are many different designs and types of pools in various Glendale properties that are characterized by different features such as fountains, decking, and landscaping. The most common types of pools are:

Above ground pool

Above ground, pools are usually portable and are inexpensive option for anyone that cannot afford an in-ground pool.

Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are also known as concrete pools. These are the most popular types of pool because they last for years and are just as easy to tear down when you need to renovate. Unlike above ground pools, gunite pools are permanent and they can be designed in any layout or shape that the homeowner wants.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools are cheaper than gunite pools but because they are lined using vinyl, they often need maintenance after every few years.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are 80 times easier to take care of compared to concrete pools. Fiberglass pools are also inert and do not impact the chemistry of the composition of water in any way, which means that you do not have to dose the water to lower its pH.

Why homes with Pools in Glendale are More Valuable

How would you like to live in a beautiful home in the city of Glendale without a pool on a hot summer day? You wouldn’t be reading this page if you wanted a home without a pool and most folks share that sentiment if they plan on being desert dwellers. That’s the number one reason that homes in the city of Glendale will always be more valuable than a similar home without a pool. It’s the simple rule of supply and demand.

Finding Glendale Homes with Pools

That could not be easier than it is here on our website. Look over the results page and feel free to sort the homes by lowest to highest price or vice-versa. You can also sort according to oldest or newest listings; just toggle through the dropdown box above the prices in the results list to select your sort.

You can further refine your search by using the “refine your search” tab. So, if you want a 4 bedroom pool home with a 3 car garage all you need to do is check 2 boxes and BAM it’s there before your eyes. If you need help setting up a custom search or want more info on a home you see, then please just call or text me at (602) 558-3843. We hope that you’ll continue to make this your go to search for pool homes for sale in Glendale. Check out the other valley city searches for homes with pools too.

Maybe you have looked through all of the pool homes for sale in Glendale and not found what you are looking for. Perhaps you have come across a Glendale Home without a pool that you love? Get in touch with Linzzy at Presidential Pools to design the perfect pool for that backyard.

Considering Selling your Glendale house?

If you are thinking about selling your place we can help. Give me a call and lets talk about how to market your home so that you fetch top dollar when the time comes.